Where Are Houses Selling the Fastest in NJ?

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It's no secret: real estate transactions are one of life's big decisions for both the buyer and seller. And as real estate agents, home sellers, and buyers obsessively track metrics like never before, it appears that we're on our way to one of the most competitive housing markets in history.

That only means that to get the best deal possible, both the seller and agent must be able to work well together.

If you're selling a home in New Jersey and trying to decide whether to contact a real estate agent or wholesaler, keep reading!

Which Towns Are Seeing the Quickest Sales in NJ?

The demand for properties continues to skyrocket as the country adjusts to hybrid work arrangements. That said, recent reports indicate that some NJ areas sell homes faster than others. The data reveals that Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, and Somerset counties are at the top of the list:

  • Gloucester, 27 days
  • Camden County, 28 days
  • Burlington County, 33 days
  • Somerset County, 34 days

Note: To help you make your decision, we used Realtor.com data to calculate the median number of days property listings stay on the market.

Which Cities Are Seeing the Quickest Sales?

The data also shows that homes in some cities sell much faster than in others. Millville is at the top at 27.7 days, Vineland at 29.1 days, and Bridgeton at 32.1 days.

Interestingly, none of these cities rank among the top 10 in terms of size, indicating that larger metropolitan areas typically have slower sales cycles.

Why Are Houses in New Jersey Selling So Fast?

The average time to sell a New Jersey house is only 74 days, "approximately 3.9% faster than the national average," according to Clever. It appears the reasons for these include:

  • Higher demand
  • Growing shortages of available homes
  • Lower cost of housing

What Are Other Things We Have To Consider Prior to a Home Sale?

Before deciding on anything, including the purchase price, much less the sale contract, sellers should also consider the following:

  • Getting in touch with a local real estate attorney or title company
  • Determining whether or not you need to sign the standard form or the NJ Seller disclosure form
  • Deciding between an agent or wholesaler to handle the real estate transaction
  • Home inspection to detect things like material defects.

These elements generally have an impact on the closing costs and, consequently, the purchase agreement.

What Does This Mean for Prospective Buyers and Sellers in NJ?

“The big trend that we’ve seen just about nationwide is that homes are not sitting for very long anywhere," says Danielle Hale of Realtor. What does this imply? Sellers need to get their homes on the market as soon as possible to hook potential buyers to make an offer!

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